21-23 Nov 2018

Pioneers and Innovators of our Time

NASA's 60th anniversary

To mark NASA’s 60th anniversary, the Embassy of Monaco to the United States will present from 21 to 23 November 2018 in the Principality of Monaco the second edition of "Pioneers and Innovators of our Time", placed under the High Patronage of HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco.

The strong point of this event will be held on Thursday, November 22, at the Auditorium Rainier III, during a panel discussion focused on air and space explorations that have changed the world, on planetary sciences, on astrophysics as well as on the importance of new clean technologies for the future of our planet and of humanity.

This panel discussion will bring together, among others, astronauts, members of the 1986 Columbia space shuttle mission, renowned scientists and representatives of the space aviation commercial sector.

Expected participants to this day are:

  1. Senator Bill Nelson, American astronaut and politician, democratic Senator of Florida to the United States Congress since 2001. He was the second American parliamentarian to travel in space, aboard the space shuttle Columbia.
  2. General Charles "Charlie" Bolden, former NASA Administrator, major general of the U.S. Marine Corps and NASA astronaut.
  3. Captain Robert "Hoot" Gibson, former American naval officer, test pilot, aeronautical engineer, retired NASA astronaut, he has flown aboard the shuttles Columbia, Atlantis, Endeavor. He will be accompanied by his wife, Dr. Rhea Seddon, also an astronaut.
  4. Dr. George "Pinky" Nelson is an American physicist, astronomer, scientific educator and a former NASA astronaut.
  5. Dr. Steven "Steve" Hawley, former American astronaut, Professor of physics and astronomy at the University of Kansas.
  6. Franklin Chang Diaz, a Costa Rican NASA astronaut, who has participated in seven flights aboard various space shuttles including Columbia. He is also the inventor of VASIMR, which is a type of space plasma engine.

Taking advantage of the privileged platform represented by the Principality of Monaco, many participants, who are leading specialists in their field, have agreed to participate in the panel discussion "Pioneers and Innovators of our Time" in order to share their expertise with the general public. The evening will then be crowned by the projection of a documentary in the honour of NASA’s 60th anniversary: "Above and Beyond: NASA's Journey to Tomorrow".

A poignant documentary produced by Rory Kennedy (daughter of Senator Robert Kennedy), nominated for an Oscar, which presents the enormous work carried out by NASA not only on our planet, but also in the solar system and in our galaxy. It presents the next generation telescopes, the prototypes of spacecrafts planned on Mars and the organisation of extremely technical missions that will better know the Earth, the Moon, Mars and space.
In order to reach any public, this documentary will be presented in French and the discussion of the participants will be in English with simultaneous translation in French.

This event is organised with the assistance of the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation and its American branch, SSI-Monaco, Thales Alenas, NASA, Lockheed Martin.

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